“Some of our young people have never had the concept of a workplace. That’s what they learn with us.”

Product Action offers a work experience program to schools and individuals requiring expertise and experience in the transition from school to work.

While a traditional transition-from-school-to-work program, our work experience is delivered in partnership with schools to provide a safe, welcoming and professional environment to develop a young person’s confidence as well as their proficiency and skills.

Our skills in working with young adults leaving school, provides them with opportunities that stretch and enhance their development. We provide them with the right level of responsibility that gives them a sense of the workplace, but also sets them up for life in terms of work. We work with them to learn skills for today, while preparing them for their future. Product Action’s point of difference is that we are a small service, which allows us to tailor our services to each individual.

To talk to us about our work experience program, please contact Kate.

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Kate Hillyard, Chief Executive Officer, Product Action