“I’m looking for services that I can trust, from people that I know care about my product as much as I do.”

At Product Action, we supply a range of innovative packaging and assembly solutions to our customers to help them grow their businesses. We always deliver on time and have a strong focus on quality and attention to detail.

As a small local business, we strive to provide value to our customers with:

  • Locally-based, face-to-face customer service
  • Flexibility to respond to product or industry changes
  • High-quality services that are highly competitive
  • Quick turnarounds times are available to meet your busy business schedule

Our team has the experience and knowledge to offer you the very best in manufacturing and packaging services, and is committed to looking after your specific needs.

Person assembling one of Product Action's packaging solutionsA NDIS participant in supported employment with Product Action moving a pallet of packaged materials

Product Action offers a range of high quality services including:

We currently assist a large range of customers by outsourcing to us in industries such as building, wineries, retail, cosmetics, toiletries, food packaging, gardening products and many, many more.

For a quote tailored to your business

Contact Darian for packaging and assembly enquiries.

Dairan from Product Action